Karagül: Ebru is helpless

Karagül: Ebru is helpless

Karagül (Black Rose) Episode 96 Summary

After Ada’s mistake caused by panic, the two siblings’s shock and having to ask for Kendal’s help Ebru is in deep trouble. As usual, Kendal takes advantage of the situation. Ebru is forced to tell Maya the truth. Can she find a way to save Ada from the tough spot?

Meanwhile Oğuz and Kenan are investigating Ebru’s disappearance and the fire. For Oğuz this is the most difficult thing he ever has done. The leads point to Narin. Can Narin get out of this?

Kadriye and Melek are determined to bring Emine back to the mansion. But Emine won’t budge. Will the danger that Asım faces change her mind? Can Kadriye convince her?

The new episode of Karagül is on 20 November Friday at 20:00 on FOX.