Kertenkele: Is this the real life?

Kertenkele: Is this the real life?

Kertenkele (The Lizard) Episode 36 Summary

Zehra is in shock after seeing Kertenkele. Meanwhile Kertenkele’s only concern is to ditch Ünsal, who has been following him. Just when he is about to be caught someone unexpected helps him. Zehra is traumatised after seeing Kertenkele, but she will try everything to get to Kertenkele.

Kertenkele, who thinks that he is religion teacher Ahmet Şimşek, tries to adapt to his new life but that proves to be more difficult than it looks. Kertenkele’s uncompromising behaviour will get him into trouble and puts him at loggerheads with a mafia boss who comes to raid the school. Melis feels guilty for hiding Kertenkele’s whereabouts from everyone, especially from Zehra. She is torn between her guilt and her hatred for Zehra.

The new episode of Kertenkele is on 3 October Saturday at 20:00 on atv.