İnadına Aşk: From Trabzon with Love

İnadına Aşk: From Trabzon with Love
İnadına Aşk (Unyielding Love) Episode 12 Summary
Defne is thrilled that the family is traveling to Trabzon on the same day that Yalın was going to talk to her brother Toprak about their relationship. But Yalın’s surprise visit means that she isn’t off the hook yet. On the other hand she enjoys her hometown with her boyfriend. Meanwhile she discovers an important piece of information about Yalın.
The first person Çınar and Yeşim meet in the village, Habibe, looks like she is going to pester Çınar. But Çınar is used to these kinds of things and doesn’t seem to care. His intends to propose to Yeşim as soon as possible but Toprak gets in the way.
Toprak thinks that Çınar is rushing into marriage. Meanwhile he and Leyla share some special moments. Trabzon is the place that their relationship has started. The two reminisce their past and their old feelings.
Apparently, things are going to get even more complicated with Deniz and Ezgi. After the tango they are both smitten and they realize that they can’t keep being just friends.