Yeşil Deniz: Üsen accidently finds a dead body

Yeşil Deniz: Üsen accidently finds a dead body
Yeşil Deniz (Green Sea) Episode 38 Summary

Üsen is dealing with a dead body. He accidentally disinters a dead body while looking for the treasure with Cemil’s father. He wants to rebury the body and go back home like nothing happened. However on his way home he notices that his ring is missing and has to go back to the crime scene, fearing that the murder will be on his head.

Meanwhile Sibel finds out that Helga doesn’t want Muzo and realizes that her brother has been lying to her. When Üsen returns home she points a gun at him and asks for the passport. And the Sadıç family rushes to Kavaklıtepe to check whether Cemil’s father and Üsen have found the treasure or not. When they see that no one has dug the place, they have to sweat the information out of Cemil’s father. Will İsmail and Zümrüt open up to their families? Who committed the murder? Sadıçs think that they have to keep Sibel nearby in order to control Üsen, but who will take care of that?

The new episode of Yeşil Deniz is on 7 September Monday at 20:00 on TRT1.