Tables are turned in Kırgın Çiçekler

Tables are turned in Kırgın Çiçekler
Kırgın Çiçekler (Broken Flowers) | Episode 7 | Summary

Girls take action to rescue Kader and are worried about Songül who has been trapped in Seda and Ali’s house. They have to save her before she goes to jail. Nazan, anxious about Defne losing the contest and Serkan’s feelings towards Eylül, decides to get rid of the girls immediately. She is unaware that this endeavour puts her son in danger. Feride is baffled with Toprak’s proposal, yet another surprise awaits her. Kader decides to try everything to reach her mother. Just when the girls start to believe that they got rid of Kemal, everyone is shocked when the police comes to the dorm.

Kırgın Çiçekler’s new episode is on 10 August Monday at 20:00, on atv.