Altan Dönmez to direct new season of Paramparça

Altan Dönmez to direct new season of Paramparça

In the previous weeks we have announced that there had been a director change in the Paramparça, produced by Endemol, which has started at Star TV last season and has broken all the rating records.  

Rumor says that the creator director of the show Cevdet Mercan who has directed the last 31 episodes would not be directing next season of Paramparça. 

It’s reported that Altan Dönmez, recognized for the series Güneşi Beklerken and Şeref Meselesi series is about to sign a deal for Paramparça of which the new director has been eagerly anticipated.

If everything goes as planned, Altan Dönmez will be directing Paramparça next season. Endemol and Dönmez are about to sign the deal.

An official announcement can also be made later in the next days.

We will keep you posted.