Pains of Jealousy
After an introduction with yoga, meditation, hardly bearable scene of Oyku & Derin digital photo “developing” in a dark, dark place we could all continue peacefully watching the sequences of new events! I am intentionally saying it was hardly bearable cause it was, we can all agree it was boring to a point I could see myself sleeping in front of the monitor! Also a deep voice saying “skip it to another scene, skip it to another scene”…I understand that character of “Derin” has its purpose but he just pulls my eyes out and not in a good way! So lets not talk about him much…
Boys & girls or should I say boys vs. girls think of a brilliant plan how to be apart from each other and of course Ilker thinks of a genius place for them to be apart and of course the place girls can’t possibly think of…We just adore him, he is so naive and bad at once! His silly ideas bring a wide smile to our faces, Ilker is the MAN!

Off course “Sey(tan)ma” is not going cause by all beliefs seytan when not being seytan he or she is deeply depressed! That other skinny seytan Onem Hanim is just left in city too, just behaving like usual, real bitch. Mete is not going either cause Mete, well you know Mete, he is only one who appreciates the true meaning of a word “action” and he can’t waste time walking in the mountains, he has a new girl waiting for him! Don’t know what magic moves him, but Mete knows his business, aferin!

While all of the 6 enemies meet, no one imagines what surprises they have for us! First they fight remote controller, then they make borders, then we have angry, desire, love looks. Than we have that muscle add looking “lumberjack”, than Ayaz has a belly dancer on his speed dial and then we don’t know who fights who, who wants what! To repeat, lifting the humor to an adult level seriously needed, Ilker saves the situation, he is perfect, others not so much.
They all seem to find a way to reconcile, some with sweet words, some with “other” methods but no, not Ayaz & Oyku. Cause you already know Oyku is always mad about something and we get mad at people we love most, right! So there is hope!

We adored scenes with Ayaz & Oyku in the living room, so much love and sweet innocent desire, desire for something more, serious words, promises, forever…

Of course Ayaz being a man that can actually live only on screen and written on a piece of paper, he does it all, does the last, does the everything to get forgiveness I already forgot for what, that bad his fault was!
He gently kisses her hands, wakes her up, puts a scarf on her and takes her outside for a surprise…So much worry, so much suspense, short breath and “Oyku, ben…” Oooo God, luckily she kissed him and shuts his mouth I was afraid he might spit it all out, cause he is ready, I can smell it…

Interesting thing about that kiss (pretty loud one, turn down the mics), Oyku kissed him without giving him time to inhale the air and he kissed her back so shy…Normally he initiates kissing in relaxed funny situations but when serious Oyku does it…and whenever serious Ayaz backs down, he seems shy, so I cant but wonder who is shy Ayaz or Serkan!? Is that a part of new Ayaz’s profile as a man in love or Serkan is blushing on the set! Interesting, but the more kissing scenes you write I think both of them will feel better in time, so please do it!

And kiss eho’s, candles burn, rose pedals are quite enough, pillows checked, chocolates too, Ayaz like any other man has love poems right next to him, he recites, they kiss again and Oyku took her phone with her off course…By the way, do you know that you replaced ultimate love symbol between Ayaz & Oyku, iPhone with Samsung…well I hope it works better for you!

What was I saying, yes Derin calls in the middle of that sacred moment and Prenses Oyku needs to fly away to dark ,dark photo chambers of her real life. Off course Ayaz understands everything, like any man would do in real life and he goes to the doors of hell to confront his biggest fear! That talk went pretty well, he pointed out to Derin he will have his full attention, he will be watched and we saw Derin ain’t that innocent in this story…and yes Samsung takes wonderful pics!

To wrap it up, to all the girls out there, Ayaz can only be seen on screen and to all the men out there, girls like Oyku exist, you just need to ask God for patience with them…