Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’: An exciting week

Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’: An exciting week

Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’ (The Swashbuckler ‘At the Dawn of the Millennium’) Episode 35 Summary

Filinta Mustafa and Bıçak Ali are after the key person in Bezmi Alem. The Great Council is also after that person. Boris confidently declares the council that he is taken care of. How will the Great Master Kenan Miloş respond to this?

Süreyya receives an offer from her employee Ethem. Ethem tells her that an entrepreneur wants to become partners with her for the iron and steel plant. Süreyya is initially interested in the idea but the identity of that partner will be a surprise for her. Who is that?

Mustafa, Ali and Abdullah find an important lead towards their target: “medicine suppliers”.

Farah uncovers the secrets of her past one by one. Will she keep silent?

Esat Pasha makes big threats regarding Boris’s presence at the Great Council. He makes an offer to Boris in order to stop his blackmail. Boris is irritated and responds with an evil plan. What will Esat Pasha have to sacrifice to protect himself from Boris’s attack?

The Sultan is getting more furious every day that his daughter and Gıyaseddin Efendi’s children aren’t found. He only addresses Davud Pasha and gives him a final warning. What will Davud Pasha do now?

All these questions will be answered in the new episode of Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’ on 20 November Friday at 20:00 on TRT1.