İnadına Aşk: Çınar is in prison!

İnadına Aşk: Çınar is in prison!

İnadına Aşk (Unyielding Love) Episode 21 Summary

Yalın asks Defne if she has been after his mother. If she says yes, she will lose Yalın. Defne lies to Yalın’s face. She is terrified of losing Yalın and asks for Adem’s help to send the mother back. However there is something she fails to consider: Yeşim has already met the woman without knowing that she’s her mother and loved her.

Çınar argues with a bride and tosses the groom into the sea. Barutçu and Aras families rush to the police station. After seeing Çınar behind the bars Yeşim wants to convince the bride to drop the charges, but when she sees her wedding dress the strapless monster inside her awakens.

Anonymous presents at her door make Leyla happy for a little while. But Toprak is furious when he sees the roses. Because he didn’t send them. Deniz and Ezgi are back together thanks to Leyla and Damla’s efforts. The best answer for Ezgi’s trust issues is hidden in a song that Deniz sings for her.

The new episode of İnadına Aşk is on 19 November Thursday at 20:00 on FOX.