Kara Sevda: Kemal makes an important decision about Nihan

Kara Sevda: Kemal makes an important decision about Nihan

Kara Sevda (Endless Love) Episode 6 Summary

Kemal is set on following the leads after his shock about Zeynep at the police station. He will become even fiercer with the things he is about to discover.

Kemal is ready to do everything to protect his sister from harm and makes an important decision about Nihan. His decision hurts Nihan deeply. There is now a new obstacle between them.

Ozan’s discovery of Zeynep’s identity separates them even further. Even though he doesn’t care about the gap between them he is cornered by Vildan and Nihan’s warnings.

Years of jealousy get the better of Vildan and she pulls her big guns against Leyla. Vildan’s move starts the war that Leyla ended years ago.

Kemal gains the upper hand when Emir least expects. Emir is motivated by this and pulls Kemal into a more violent battle.

The news that Fehime receives causes tension in the family. And Tarık’s big announcement becomes a test for Kemal in his family’s eyes.

While Nihan tries to purge herself Kemal leaves his test with a new decision. This will change the course of his battle with Emir.

The new episode of Kara Sevda is on 18 November Wednesday at 20:00 on Star.