Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’: A week of interesting deals

Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’: A week of interesting deals

Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’ (The Swashbuckler ‘At the Dawn of the Millennium’) Episode 34 Summary

Filinta Mustafa and his team’s confrontation with 001 Janti will leave one party disarmed.

Will the school raid be successful? The British ambassador’s aide gives Hanry terrible news.

Boris reveals the name of the person he  will support to establish a weapon factory in the Ottoman Empire at the board meeting. Sultan’s decision is a surprise for everyone. Süreyya is thrilled.

Leyla tries to make Farah talk in her own way. Mustafa sees this. Farah is nevous to face the truth she disclosed. Her confession brings back many memories.

The British ambassador is shocked to hear a voice in his bedroom at night. The voice is familiar, the offer is clear. Who is that person that broke into the ambassador’s house?

Filinta Mustafa and Ali are walking home when Filinta notices the shadows. He thinks that they are being followed. Meanwhile Celal and his men are on their way to Mustafa’s house to rescue Farah.

Nur Sultan lets herself go after the disappearance of her daughter Neslihan Sultan. The Sultan gives her hope. Then he leaves her confused with a certain decision he makes.

Ruhi Pasha awakes from his long slumber thanks to Mustafa and his team. He means to retrieve his son and some documents. To whom do these documents belong?

Mustafa, Ali and Davud Pasha are at a door along with many soldiers. Where are they planning to surround? Who is inside? And who is the unexpected person in there?

All these questions will be answered on the new episode of Filinta ‘Bin Yılın Şafağında’ on 12 November Friday at 20:00 on TRT1.