İnadına Aşk: The girls are kidnapped!

İnadına Aşk: The girls are kidnapped!

İnadına Aşk (Unyielding Love) Episode 19 Summary

Defne stubbornly joins Yeşim who has been kidnapped. Yalın and Çınar notice the girls are missing and meet Toprak and Deniz to make a plan when a phone call from Satır informs them that he might let the girls go - but with one condition.

Aras and Barutçu men are brooding on how to fulfil Satır’s condition and they are not the only ones in trouble: İblis! Defne and Yeşim manage to drive İblis nuts. Meanwhile Defne gets a great idea. Will Defne and Yalın’s brilliance be enough to save the girls?

These difficult times move Leyla and Toprak’s relationship forward, but bring Ezgi and Deniz’s to a dead end. Deniz returns to Ezgi when Defne and Yeşim are set free but he gets mad to see Ezgi in a fit of jealousy. During this adventure Defne not only drives İblis crazy but also puts him on Yalın’s mother tail.

The new episode of İnadına Aşk is on 5 November Thursday at 20:00 on FOX.