Kara Sevda: Kemal and Nihan’s face off

Kara Sevda: Kemal and Nihan’s face off

Kara Sevda (Endless Love) Episode 4 Summary

It’s time to confront for Nihan and Kemal when they are unexpectedly left alone after Leyla’s little surprise. Emir is furious when he sees Nihan and Kemal on the boat. He will start following a track from the past.

Leyla’s plan works on Nihan’s side. But not for Kemal. Nihan is being tested by the truths she has to hide and starts questioning the man she sees after years. This forces her to a confrontation.

Meanwhile Asu’s evident interest in Kemal causes her to investigate Nihan and Kemal’s past. She is hurt by the things she discovers.

When Önder finds out Kemal’s identity, he makes a move to protect his daughter. This brings them to a point of no return.

Someone Leyla meets when she least expected will ruin her plans.

Kemal wants to help Tarık. But accidentally he makes things worse. This raises the tension between the two brothers and puts Kemal and Hüseyin at loggerheads.

Salih finally decides to open up to Kemal and confess his love for Zeynep. But the things Kemal says point out the rift between the two. Zeynep goes to an agency for a job interview that Nihan has arranged. This opens a new door in her life.

Another door opens into Kemal’s inner world. A TV show he attends causes him to reevaluate his life and he discovers that his business is not with Emir Kozcuoğlu alone. Just when Nihan thinks that she has figured him out, Kemal surprises her. And Emir reaches for Kemal’s weakest stop to bring him down.

The new episode of Kara Sevda is on 4 November Wednesday at 20:00 on Star.