Paramparça: Dangerous encounters in the mansion

Paramparça: Dangerous encounters in the mansion

Paramparça (Torn to Pieces) Episode 38 Summary

Despite the police interrogation Cihan does not reveal the whereabouts of the computer that would acquit him and Rahmi. He gives up on everything to protect Hazal and is sent to the prison along with Rahmi. Gülseren supports him in this difficult times.

Cihan is shocked to see Harun in the visiting room. The two haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years. Cihan is not aware of the approaching danger.

Harun has sworn to take everything from Cihan - his wife, his child, his money and his house. He seizes the opportunity and approaches Dilara. The two are alone in the mansion but a surprise is waiting for Dilara.

The new episode of Paramparça is on 26 October Monday at 20:00 on Star.