Evli ve Öfkeli: Chasing the truth

Evli ve Öfkeli: Chasing the truth

Evli ve Öfkeli (Married and Furious) Episode 4 Summary

Dilek is certain that Seray has seduced her husband. She decides to follow her and catch her with Engin.

Seray is resolved to take the house from Macit. But he will not give up easily. A war breaks out between the two. Macit tries to drive her out by filling the house with his friends every night. But Seray has a plan, too.

Mine finds out that she is pregnant and she is confused. Meanwhile Cenk cares for her and has to force her to confront something.

Esra doesn’t leave Cihan despite his lies. Murat is furious. He decides to prove Esra that Cihan is cheating on her.

The new episode of Evli ve Öfkeli is on 25 October Sunday at 20:00 on atv.