Analar ve Anneler: Two women fighting over the same child

Analar ve Anneler: Two women fighting over the same child

Analar ve Anneler (Moms and Mothers) Episode 1 Summary

Kader is an orphan girl living in a small village in Anatolia. She is full of dreams of marrying the man she loves, Mustafa. Little does she know that someone has their eyes on her. Kader and Mustafa decide to run away together but an an unfortunate incident takes place.

For Kader the only solution is to leave the village without telling anyone. She goes to Istanbul where her only living relative resides.

Zeliha is the daughter of a famous attorney in Istanbul. She was influenced by the political atmosphere of the era and married Murat whom she met at the university. Murat is a passionate man and values his beliefs and ideas above everything else. Because of him Zeliha has to live as a political offender on the run. On top of that Zeliha becomes a widow when she is pregnant.

Zeliha and Kader meet nine months after that. Neither of them know that they are going to change each other’s lives.

This is the story of two women who are forced to fight over the same child.

The first episode of Analar ve Anneler is on 22 October Thursday at 20:00 on atv.