Diriliş “Ertuğrul”: What happens after Ertuğrul’s return to the camp

Diriliş “Ertuğrul”: What happens after Ertuğrul’s return to the camp

Diriliş “Ertuğrul” (Resurrection “Ertuğrul”) Episode 30 Summary

Ertuğrul had been captured by the most ruthless vanguard of history and got to know his enemy Noyan personally. But days of torture and a nail wound on his palm made it impossible for him to wield a sword. He finds out Noyan and his men’s intentions in Anatolia and he has to go and warn the camp immediately.

Meanwhile Dodurga and Kayı Beys unite the two camps before joining the battle against the Mongols at Seljuks’ side when the winter is over. Tuğtekin is the commander of the heroes of both camps. This way the heroes will prepare for the great battle together.

Ertuğrul’s sudden return creates a wave of joy and excitement among the ones who love him, but ruins the political plans of some. Moreover, Ertuğrul’s ideas on how to fight Noyan’s vanguard and the Mongol army are different than the two camp leaders’ plans. Ertuğrul is reluctant to give up his position as the head hero. His decision causes disagreement with Korkut Bey, his mother, his brother Gündoğdu and Tuğtekin. The heroes of both camps are affected by the tension as well.

The new episode of Diriliş “Ertuğrul” is on 21 October Wednesday at 20:00 on TRT1.