Evli ve Öfkeli: Regrets all around

Evli ve Öfkeli: Regrets all around

Evli ve Öfkeli (Married and Furious) Episode 3 Summary

Dilek catches Engin cheating on her. She can’t see who the woman is and all she has for clue is the woman’s one red shoe.

Seray is depressed that their fight with Macit makes the newspapers. While she is looking for a way to unload her anger she finds herself in the middle of Dilek’s shoe crisis.

Mine’s plan to stay with Metin for the sake of the kid doesn’t work. Apparently she has had a panic attack. It’s time to decide. But a surprise will affect her decision.

Cihan breaks his leg after falling off the window because of Esra. She feels guilty and starts taking care of him. But Murat thinks that Cihan is faking the injury and he has an interesting strategy to prove it.

The new episode of Evli ve Öfkeli is on 18 October Sunday at 20:00 on atv.