Son Çıkış: Son Çıkış is on Thursdays now

Son Çıkış: Son Çıkış is on Thursdays now

Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 9 Summary

The dark forces that ruin hopeful teenagers’ lives in one night are after Özlem. Kenan, Balyoz and Eflatun rescue Özlem from the procurers after a deadly chase. When it’s discovered that Halit almost destroyed one of his neighbours life for money he disappears. Özlem will not get over this very easily. Meanwhile Nilüfer and Yusuf are by her side. The other teenagers are shaken by what happens to Özlem. They are slowly realising where drug addiction is leading them.

Arap Fiko desperately seeks shelter by Lostra. After Çiçekçi, Lostra signs Arap Fiko’s death warrant as well. Kenan, Balyoz and Eflatun try to brighten the city’s nights and Lostra keeps getting in their way. But they will never give up.

Jülide is trying to find a way to escape Lostra’s wrath. Finally she decides to ask the help of a drug lord that is much more powerful than him.

Meanwhile Kenan approaches Lostra’s daughter Ege to solve the dark puzzle. His childhood friend Cesur is with him but his intentions are different. For Cesur the best way to enter a world where money and power are obtained easily and illegally, is through Lostra’s farm. The two friends run into each other at the farm with completely different agendas.

The new episode of Son Çıkış is on 15 October at 20:00 on TRT1.