Kara Sevda: Kemal and Nihan’s love begins

Kara Sevda: Kemal and Nihan’s love begins

Kara Sevda (Endless Love) Episode 1 Summary

Kemal, the hope of a poor family, does not believe in miracles. But one day he finds himself in the greatest miracle of all; love.

Nihan was born into wealthy family but she never felt herself like a part of it. And one day she falls in love with someone that is as far away as her world as possible; Kemal.

The two separate worlds unite in love and Nihan and Kemal become equals. When they swore an oath to each other they were unfortunately taught that life doesn’t allow matches like them. Their lives change in one night, dragging Kemal to Zonguldak and Nihan to the consequences of a choice she made.

Years pass and a mine accident puts Kemal at a crossroads - will he keep hiding from everything or will he come back to gain the things he lost? When Kemal makes his choice, the rift between him and Nihan will be closed and everything will change. Kemal’s biggest test will start that day. After that, a choice will mean an endless love.

The first episode of Kara Sevda is on 14 October Wednesday at 20:00 on Star.