Eve Dönüş: Their paths cross

Eve Dönüş: Their paths cross

Eve Dönüş (Homecoming) Episode 2 Summary

Pınar returns to the mansion after a series of reconstructive surgeries with a new identity: Leyla Kerimoğlu. Although she hardly contains herself at the sight of her daughter she introduces herself as Pınar’s stepsister. Kürşat and Canan are reluctant to believe, thinking that it’s one of Vedat’s games. Leyla, who is actually Pınar, easily convinces them that she is Raif Uluğbey’s daughter and gets her share of the will. Kürşat is worried about the money they are going to lose, while Leyla manages to seduce Kürşat and turn him against Canan by using Oflaz. The only thing that the vengeful Leyla thinks about is getting her daughter back.

Yusuf doesn’t stop looking for his brother after all the time that passed. But Orhan’s death drop like a bombshell totheir house. After all the time repressing his feelings, Yusuf finally flips out. He goes to the club to kill Cengizhan. Leyla, who finds out that Yusuf was the guy that saved her life, stops him and prevents him from making a huge mistake. Thus cross the paths of two vengeful people. But Yusuf doesn’t know that Leyla is the woman whose life he saved. All he wants is to make his brother’s murderers suffer. Cengizhan comes to the funeral of the man he killed and shows interest to Yusuf’s sister-in-law Sevda. This drives Yusuf even more furious. Eventually he decides to work with Leyla. But Leyla is overwhelmed by her maternal feelings.

The new episode of Eve Dönüş is on 14 October Wednesday at 20:00 on atv.