Maral : En Güzel Hikayem: Maral is at a crossroads

Maral : En Güzel Hikayem: Maral is at a crossroads

Maral: En Güzel Hikayem (Maral: My Best Story) Episode 14 Summary

Maral has shown Sarp that she no longer belongs to him but to someone else. She tells him off, but Sarp keeps following her. Sarp can’t stand to see Maral with someone else but he is also sure that she still has feelings for him.

Deniz, thining Hakan is a ghost from the past, ask her security chief Aziz to look him up. The news about her son will shock Deniz. Halis Feyman, who is unhappy about Sarp’s presence at Luna, start to make him jump hoops just to show that Sarp will never be Luna’s manager.

Maral tries to prove Sarp that she is happy with Yiğit. Yiğit takes another step to tie Maral down and proposes to her. Maral, already confused by Sarp’s return, has to make a big decision.

The new episode of Maral: En Güzel Hikayem is on 8 October Thursday at 20:00 on TV8.