Paramparça: Everyone’s lives will change

Paramparça: Everyone’s lives will change

Paramparça (Torn to Pieces) Episode 35 Summary

Gülseren has to make a rash decision at the gunpoint. Meanwhile Harun realises that Gülseren is Cihan’s weak spot. He reunites with Dilara after long years and he is now very close to Cihan.

Cihan’s personal life, as his career, is getting more and more complicated. He desperately watches as Ozan drifts away from him. The only person that is having a good time at the mansion, Hazal, is caught by Keriman. When Keriman finds out that Hazal can actually walk, she starts blackmailing her.

Dilara seeks comfort in Candan’s friendship, not knowing that she puts her family in danger by that. She surprises everyone by making a decision that would change her and their lives.

The new episode of Paramparça is on 5 October Monday at 20:00 on Star.