Baba Candır: Ceylan confesses her love to Emrecan

Baba Candır: Ceylan confesses her love to Emrecan

Baba Candır (Dad Is the Best) Episode 10 Summary

When Ceylan doesn’t come home at night the whole family is worried sick. Emrecan is angry to hear that Ceylan was with Rüzgar and he scolds her. Ceylan tells Emrecan that nothing could have happened between her and Rüzgar because she is in love with him. Ceylan’s confession brings Emrecan to his senses. He decides to fight for her. He gets his job at the restaurant back. Rüzgar is busy with making Emrecan’s life as difficult as possible. Meanwhile Egemen has problems with his ex-girlfriend Derya. Derya, thinking that she had wasted three years of her life on him, wants revenge. She turns the hospital to hell for Egemen.

Chief Adnan wants to meet Egemen’s parents and organises a dinner for the two families to mingle. Haluk and Ece go apartment hunting together. But they have to play some games to get the house they want.

The new episode of Baba Candır is on 4 October Sunday at 20:00 on TRT1.