Karagül: Flames of wrath engulf the mansion

Karagül: Flames of wrath engulf the mansion

Karagül (Blackrose) Episode 89 Summary

Ebru discovers that her son, whom she believed to be dead, is in fact alive and has been living with her the whole time that she has been in Halfeti. While she tries to accept this, she confronts the residents of the mansion fueled by her anger.

The truth about Baran hits the mansion like an unexpected storm. Şamverdi household falls into a deep silence. Melek refuses to bow to her fate and commits suicide. Kadriye Ana is crushed both under the pain of her daughter hanging from a noose and the weight of the secret she has been carrying for years. Emine, unable to forgive Kadriye, leaves the mansion with Aslan. Meanwhile Sibel, certain that Kendal will kill her, runs away as well.

While hell breaks loose at the mansion, Kendal and Kenan’s battle continues with all its intensity. Kenan’s anger has grown violent after digging his own mother’s grave with his bare hands. Kenan sets his intricate plans in motion one by one. This might be his deadliest strike against Kendal.

The new episode of Karagül is on 2 October Friday at 20:00 on FOX.