Kiralık Aşk:Will love bind them together?

Kiralık Aşk:Will love bind them together?

Kiralık Aşk (Love for Rent) Episode 15 Summary

Defne has decided to come clean. That’s the only way out.

Ömer’s heart is broken and his head is full of questions. Can they escape this dead end? Will they find a way to be together? Defne chases Ömer. Eventually she will convince him to listen.

Meanwhile Deniz is coming - and not quietly. A big war is about to start. Sinan, Yasemin, Necmi and most importantly Defne have to pick a side.

Sude rocks everything with her arrival. She comes with secrets and answers.

İsmail and Yasemin’s relationship surprisingly changes its course. Yasemin shocks İsmail to the core.

Neither Defne nor Ömer can stand being apart. Love will definitely bring them together again, but how?

The new episode of Kiralık Aşk is on 2 October Friday at 20:00 on Star.