Yılanların Öcü: The time has come for Bayram

Yılanların Öcü: The time has come for Bayram

Yılanların Öcü “Revenge of the Serpents” Episode 45 Summary

Five years is a long time for unhappy endings and new beginnings. Everything has changed in Karataş village; its people have been dragged to İstanbul. Some for the health of their child, some for love, some for their son, some for their brother or their fiancé... Fatma’s destiny has been changed by Kenan, whom his son now calls father. But their return from the USA changes everything. Everything is revealed one by one and Fatma has to make some tough decisions. Things are about to change for Haceli as well, who followed Fatma to İstanbul. Now it’s time to let Fatma go - his pain, his burden, his favourite bane. Just on that day people, whose lives Haceli has destroyed enter his live and he doesn’t even know that they are going to be his closest friends.

Mother Irazca has left her land for her son and tries to cling to life with her Ayşe. She has remained the same, but what about Ayşe? The only thing that hasn’t changed is the fire inside Bayram, his love and his hope to reunite with his son and Fatma. Life has stopped for him for the five years after Kamuran’s death. But he would soon discover that nothing else stayed the same. He would see that all promises are broken and he rotted in jail for five years for nothing. Now it’s time to gain back everything he lost. Now it’s time for the revenge of the serpents.

The new episode of Yılanların Öcü is on 30 September Wednesday at 20:15 on Show TV.