Son Çıkış: A new player joins the game

Son Çıkış: A new player joins the game
Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 7 Summary
Kenan is badly shaken about Zeynep’s confession and he is angry with Cesur that he didn’t tell him the truth. Cesur is slightly relieved that Zeynep did not mention his name, but his relationship with Kenan is damaged beyond repair.
Kenan and Zeynep go separate ways in the city that is blighted by drugs. One of the teenagers of the neighbourhood Meral comes face to face with her old misery and seeks comfort in drugs. Her mother gets out of prison, dragging Meral back to a nightmarish past that she doesn’t want to remember. But her friends, Nilüfer and Yusuf help her to hold on to life. The teenagers’ lives have been disturbed once again and perhaps they have been driven a bit further from the last exit. Yusuf and Nilüfer are aware of this danger.
Meanwhile the people living in the fancy part of the city keep sucking the life out of the innocents. Kasım tries to get away from Lostra with a new and elaborate plan. He finds Melike, whose son has been murdered by Lostra many years ago and tells her that it was Lostra that killed him. Melike was supposed to become the head of her son’s drug cartel after the death of her father, but she retired after her great loss. When she finds out that Lostra is the murderer of her son she goes to the prison to see Kafkas and to tell him that she is going to break the deal and avenge her son. She sets off to track down Jülide and asks her to work with her. A battle with no rules and no certain winner has between for Jülide, Kasım, Melike and Lostra. And Lostra’s beautiful daughter Ege has a target on her back.
Meanwhile Jülide continues her games to keep Zeynep on her side and to gain her trust. Zeynep’s lost youth and miserable fate hasn’t got any better after she becomes rich. She keeps living in a house full of traps.
The new episode of Son Çıkış is on 19 September Saturday at 20:00 on TRT1.