A new world and a new name for Filinta ‘At the Dawn of the Millennium'

A new world and a new name for Filinta ‘At the Dawn of the Millennium'
Filinta (The Swashbuckler) Episode 27 Summary
It is revealed that Üsküplü is involved in the explosion at the police station and there have been several casualties. Even though this is a disaster the safety of Ottoman Empire comes first. Kadı Gıyaseddin, Swashbuckler Mustafa, Knife Ali and Photo Abdullah are recruited to the secret service by the Sultan. The head of secret service is Davud Pasha, one of the prominent figures of the era. The team starts working at the court. Their ultimate goal is to hunt down the supranational organization that has been trying to take over the Ottoman Empire, ‘Council of the Great’ and the Monastery. This difficult task is a matter of life and death.
Meanwhile Monastery has its cruel, ambitious warriors. While deadly warrior Farah is fighting her way through the Monastary ranks, Celal, a ruthless, psychopath genius watches her with great admiration.
A new era in Boris Zaharyas life has begun. Known with his cruelty and ambition Boris has been claiming that ‘not even a leaf moves in the city without his knowledge’ . But life has prepared many surprises for him.
The new season of Filinta begins on 18 September Friday at 20:00 on TRT1.