Son Çıkış: Are Kenan and Zeynep going separate ways?

Son Çıkış: Are Kenan and Zeynep going separate ways?

Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 6 Summary

Kenan accepts Kafkas’s offer and gets out of jail but he finds everything changed in the neighbourhood. He and Zeynep were already about to go seperate ways but now Zeynep is leaving the neighbourhood for good. Now it’s Kenan’s turn to be hurt because he finds himself on the verge of losing Zeynep everytime he turns around...

Serkan and the kids are caught in the house that they intruded. Childishly, they try to hide their identities to get off the hook. When Nilüfer and Yusuf notice their absence everything turns out alright but the kids will not get out of this that easily. Meanwhile Halit is like a loose cannon, still hovering above the kids’ heads.

Jülide and Kasım are cornered by Lostra. Everyone knows the identity of the girls that were brought tothe country but Lostra demands solid proof. Now every man for himself. Kasım has to prove that Jülide is behind it and Jülide must divert the accusations by finding a scapegoat.

With Cesur’s presence, Kenan’s vexation and her new life, Zeynep is finally ready to face herself. She is tired under the weight of her big secret. Despite Cesur’s protests she wants to tell Kenan the truth.

Will Zeynep tell Kenan the truth? What will Cesur do? What will the new era in Kenan’s life bring? Will it separate him from Zeynep for good or will he stay by her side no matter what? What is the bitter surprise that awaits Jülide who is struggling to clear her name? Can Serkan pay his debt to Halit? All these questions will be answered in the next episode.

The new episode of Son Çıkış is on 6 September Saturday at 20:00 on TRT1.