Sen Benimsin: Yenilmez family fall into Elvan’s hands

Sen Benimsin: Yenilmez family fall into Elvan’s hands
Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine) Episode 12 Summary

Kudret is worried about his daughter Şebnem, who suddenly disappeared. He sends his men to find her. Elvan is doing everything she can to stop Şebnem from preventing the wedding. She sends text messages to Kudret from Şebnem’s phone, saying that she is alive and well. When Kudret is relaxed he speeds up the wedding preparations.

Meanwhile The Yenilmez family are having a difficult time because of their bankruptcy. The police find out that Şimal is involved in export fraud. Since their signatures are on the company’s documents, Ejder, along with Ahlas and Şimal are taken into custody as well. Bereket decides to sell out to save her children. She doesn’t know that she is making a huge mistake. Because Kudret is the one who bought all of Yenilmez family’s assets and he gives the farm to Elvan as a wedding present. Yenilmez family are now Elvan’s tenants.

The new episode of Sen Benimsin is on 6 September Sunday at 20:00 on FOX.