Adı Mutluluk: A welcome party at the school

Adı Mutluluk: A welcome party at the school
Adı Mutluluk (Its Name Is Happiness) Episode 12 Summary

The classes have started at the university. Batu and Kumsal take the same course. The two end up describing the other students what love is.

The preparations for the singing competition continue. Kumsal works with Eren to complete her mother’s unfinished song. A fire creates a chaos in the midst of their work.

Dolunay is depressed. Someone that she would never expect is there for her: Batu!

Vural sets to fulfil Ali’s last wish. He is going to tell Dolunay and Batu that they are brother and sister.

Sera and Batu try to enroll Recep to the school.

A welcome party is organized at the school. But a voice from the speakers throws everyone off balance.

The new episode of Adı Mutluluk is on 8 September Tuesday at 20:00 on FOX.