Son Çıkış: The police has an offer for Kenan, but will he accept?

Son Çıkış: The police has an offer for Kenan, but will he accept?
Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 5 Summary

With Kenan going to prison, Zeynep is forced to accept the inheritance and this makes her life even more difficult. Müjgan is still in critical condition while the attorney Ümit transfers her to Bozdemir’s hospital.

During Kenan’s interrogation Eflatun and Balyoz make him an offer. Kenan is asked to cooperate with the police to bust the drug cartel. If he agrees he will not go to prison. Kenan refuses the offer.

Haluk Bozdemir’s will has been read. The majority of his assets are bequeathed to his daughter Zeynep. This irritates Jülide greatly, but she manages to keep a straight face.

Kasım thoroughly investigates Jülide to prove that she kidnapped the girls. He takes one of Jülide’s men into custody to make him talk. Jülide asks for Cesur’s help to prevent the guy from talking.

Lostra finds out that the person who rescued the girls was a woman, thanks to the information in the documents that he got from Nazım. He goes straight to Kasım and orders that woman to be found immediately. Otherwise Kasım will pay for it with his life.

Serkan gets into trouble for not paying his debt to Halit. His friends look for a solution to get him off the hook.

Yahya has a wonderful night thanks to Yusuf and Davut. He watches Avatar on the ring for the first time. Yusuf helps him to return to his home. Nilüfer is offended that Yusuf does all this without including her. However Yusuf quickly appeases her.

Yusuf and Nilüfer try to prepare the necessary documents for the association and they ask for the neighbourhood youth’s help to prepare the gym.

Serkan, Camcı, Bino and Kevser are caught by the owner of the house they are trying to rob.

Kenan and Kafkas run into each other in the ward. Kafkas manages to convince Kenan, who originally refused Eflatun and Balyoz’s offer.

The new episode of Son Çıkış is on 5 September Saturday at 20:00 on TRT1.