Sen Benimsin: Nağme tries to open Ejder’s eyes

Sen Benimsin: Nağme tries to open Ejder’s eyes
Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine) Episode 11 Summary

Ejder and Nağme have another crisis over Şebnem when she sells the land inherited from her mother just to do business with Ejder. Nağme is certain that Şebnem makes all these sacrifices just to be close to Ejder. There is no other explanation. She tries to open Ejder’s eyes. Ejder, not wanting to push Nağme even further, refuses the money Şebnem offers him. This causes more difficulties. Because there is other way for saving the company. He is obliged to accept Şimal’s offer. They will have to sell their assets.

Meanwhile Elvan has managed to win Kudret’s heart. She wants to marry him to gain power. The only thing standing between her and her goal is Şebnem. Elvan is determined to get rid of her.

The new episode of 30 August Sunday at 20:00 on FOX.