Son Çıkış: Can Zeynep pay Müjgan's hospital bill

Son Çıkış: Can Zeynep pay Müjgan's hospital bill
Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 4 Summary

Zeynep is desperately thinking about how she can deal with Müjgan’s hospital bill when Kenan and Cesur step in. After the recent events neither Zeynep nor Kenan want anything to do with Cesur. Kenan says that he will do everthing he can.

After Engin’s death Jülide not only mourns after him but also raids the house where the girls have been taken. Cesur, who is responsible for the house’s safety assists her. After that rescue operation all Lostra and Çiçekçi think about is the identity of the person behind it. When Lostra starts investigating the intruder Jülide and Cesur find themselves in a tight spot.

Yusuf and Nilüfer slowly start get along while working together for the youth gym. Meanwhile Yahya’s father kicks him out of the house and he starts living on the field. When Yusuf finds out about this he invites Yahya’s father over.

Kevser, Camcı, Bino, Özlem, and Serkan go to the mall. They just want to have fun, but nevertheless get themselves into trouble.

Müjgan is still in critical condition and the hospital bill has become more than Zeynep can handle on her own. Kenan secretly sells his car. He is going to give the money to Zeynep. Kenan catches Serkan with the drugs he bought from Halit. Kenan is scolding him when the police raid the place. Kenan takes the blame and gets arrested.

The new episode of Son çıkış is on 29 August at 20:00 on TRT1.