Aşk Zamanı: Their loves ones are in danger!

Aşk Zamanı: Their loves ones are in danger!
Aşk Zamanı (Time for Love) Episode 8 Summary

Sema leaves the house after the slap. Orhan is terribly upset. The girls try to find a way to bring Sema back home. Levent decides to ask for Eda’s hand in marriage and Reyhan is supposed to convince Orhan.

Kamil, willing to do everything to win İnci’s love, accidentally messes everything up. Things are tense between Derya and Deniz. Will Azra come between the two? Fikret is having problems with Zeki and he is stuck between his love and the mafia. When Zeki’s men threaten Orhan with his loved ones things get more complicated. Which one is going to win: Love or Guns? Orhan is preparing a lovely surprise for his daughters, but with a twist of fate he runs into Zeynep whom he hasn’t seen for many years.

The new episode of Aşk Zamanı is on 22 August Saturday at 20:00 on atv.