Yeşil Deniz: Things heat up in Yeşilova

Yeşil Deniz: Things heat up in Yeşilova
Yeşil Deniz Episode 35 Summary

Things heat up after İsmail and his friends intrude Kostak Üsen’s house to steal the map. Üsen informs  the gendarmerie and Mayor Gülen and alarms the whole town by exaggerating the events. Sadıçs try to get away without attracting any attention but crash their car, so they decide to hide it for a while. However their plan is ruined when Fikri wants to borrow the car for an important business and Sebahattin notices that the statue has been hit by a car for the second time.

Cemil is embarrassed to have put his family in the middle of a crisis again. A series of events result  in interesting situations for Cemil and his eccentric father. Will Sadıçs retrieve the map from Üsen? Will Üsen discover the identity of the intruders? What will happen between Üsen and Zümrüt while Sibel is scheming their return to Germany so that she can keep the man she loves?

Yeşil Deniz is on 17 August Monday at 20:00 on TRT1.