Son Çıkış: What is the unexpected surprise?

Son Çıkış: What is the unexpected surprise?
Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 2 Summary

While Kenan is wondering why Zeynep keeps away from him, she decides to change her attitude. She tries to hold the past’s secret inside and act like nothing happened. And Kenan tells her that he wants to rekindle the happiness they used to have.

After Rıdvan’s death of overdose the youths of the neighbourhood are depressed. Nilüfer is getting to know her students and meets her college crush Yusuf, as İmam Yusuf. Her suppressed anger surfaces again. But Yusuf suggests leaving the past behind and working together for the youths in the neighbourhood.

Kenan and Zeynep reminisce their former happiness. Cesur, believing that he lost favour after Kemal gets out of prison, tries to gain the trust of the criminal world. Meanwhile he is planning to confess his feelings to Zeynep.

The youths organize a night for Rıdvan. The event will be in Planet. Nilüfer accepts Yusuf’s offer. They decide to attend the event at Planet together.

Just when Kenan thinks that he is getting his life back together, Cesur and Zeynep’s past comes back to haunt them. Cesur keeps trying to talk to Zeynep when all three encounter an unexpected surprise...