Sadıç Family Return to Yeşil Deniz with Their New Adventures

Sadıç Family Return to Yeşil Deniz with Their New Adventures
Yeşil Deniz (Green Sea) | Episode 34 | Summary

The most natural, pure and organic series of television welcomes the new season with a brand new adventure. The show starts on 10 August Monday with its new cast members, unique stories and warm atmosphere.  New additions to the cast are accomplished actor İlker Aksum, whom we recognize from Yabancı Damat (“The Foreign Groom”), Canım Ailem (“My Dear Family”) and 20 Dakika (“20 Minutes”) and young talent Güneş Sayın.

In episode 34 of Yeşil Deniz we find ourselves six months after Sedef’s departure from Yeşilova on her wedding day. Everyone returned to their normal lives and Sadıç family used the money that survived the fire to go into business. Mayor Gülenay gathers townfolk to the city square for the opening ceremony of the grand statue and while they are waiting for the sponsor of the statue İsmail and his friends, Kostak Üsen and his family suddenly return to Yeşilova from Germany. Their return triggers major events  that affect not only Yeşilova, but also İsmail and his friends. Because it turns out that the actual owner of the gold that İsmail and his friends had discovered was Kostak Üsen’s grandfather, who migrated to Germany years ago for work.

Yeşil Deniz is on 10 August Monday at 20:00 on TRT1.