Paramparça to rebroadcast on Star TV!

Paramparça to rebroadcast on Star TV!
Having broken the rating records Paramparça will be rebroadcasted on air from its first episode on, before the upcoming season. Show’s starrings are shared by the talented actors and actresses such as Nurgül Yeşilçay, Erkan Petekkaya, Ebru Özkan, Cemal Hünal, Cihan Canova,Tolga Tekin, Güneş Emir and besides Nursel Köse who is awarded with the Best Supporting Female Actress Prize at Antalya Golden Orange this year. The series will be directed by Cevdet Mercan who is recognized for with series such as “Asi” (Rebellous), “Kayıp Şehir” (The Lost City).

Successful and rich businessman Cihan has problems with his wife Dilara. Keeping his marriage going just for the sake of their children Ozan and Cansu, Cihan pays all his attention to his work. Gülseren, a woman left by her husband years ago, continues her poor life at the suburbs of İstanbul. Her greatest ideal is to raise her daughter Hazal well whom she brought up alone.

Cihan and Gülseren’s lives -who are unaware of each other’s existence- cross paths at the hospital where there has been a mistake while their daughters have been born years ago. Cansu, who learns that Cihan and Dilara are not her real parents (birth parents) begins to feel herself as a stranger at home and starts looking for her own mother.

Gülseren is having a hard time with her sister-in-law Keriman and her daughter. Dilara, Cihan's wife, is afraid of losing her marriage. Meanwhile, Cansu finds out who her real mother is.

Paramparça goes on air on Star TV screens with its first special episode at 22:30 (10:30 PM) on Sunday, 9th of August.