Berk Erçer and İdil Fırat join Poyraz Karayel cast!

Berk Erçer and İdil Fırat join Poyraz Karayel cast!

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Being one of the best shows of last season taking out many phenomenon characters from its cast, successful TV drama Poyraz Karayel gets ready for the new season like a blockbuster.

As you might remember, Ayşegül got on to a plane on the season finale. The story will continue from where she left. To keep the element of surprise, we will not announce the overseas location yet.

Besides, Poyraz's father and sister of is expected to join the upcoming season. Reportedly, final decisions on the names to play these characters are about to be made. But, we are not going to announce them yet without having the certain deal information.

Nevertheless, last calls have been made. There will be new entries to the story along with the characters mentioned during last season. They have signed with two of them.

We hear that Berk Erçer (Mete) who starred at ATV’s TV series Bedel and took a pivotal role in MedCezir after partaking in Doktorlar, Kurt Seyit ve Şura and experienced actress İdil Fırat (Despina) whom we could not seen on the screen for a while are getting ready to take part in the upcoming season. And with an exciting character…  

For the moment, that’s all the information we can give about the Mete character Erçer is going to play, let Poyraz think about the rest. ^.^