Kara Ekmek: Tension rises at the mansion

Kara Ekmek: Tension rises at the mansion

Kara Ekmek (Dark Bread) Episode 32 Summary

Çetin refuses to marry Asiye because of Berkant’s blackmail. This brings them to the point of breaking up. Asiye leaves the house and Çetin feels guilty. Taylan discovers what happened and starts feeling differently. He wants to bring Asiye back and Çetin wants to win her love again.

Taylan is left clueless after Ömer has been kidnapped. Who might have done this?

Hale is still trying to save her marriage with Taylan. The tension between Mine and Asiye is a sign of many other things to come. Hale and Mine’s increasing intimacy draws Çetin’s attention. What Hale finds out will put Çetin and Asiye in a tight spot.

The hood is restless as well. Pervin puts her house up for sale. Salim has something to say about it. The word of the tension between the two gets around the hood and causes a big fight.

The new episode of Kara Ekmek is on 20 November Friday at 20:00 on atv.