Poyraz Karayel: Poyraz arrests Bahri Baba

Poyraz Karayel: Poyraz arrests Bahri Baba

Poyraz Karayel (Northeaster Northwester) Episode 32 Summary

Poyraz’s confession about Adil Topal drops like a bombshell in Poyraz and Ayşegül’s relationship. How will they handle the truth? Bahri is suspicious about Poyraz after Ufuk’s final words. He wonders what Poyraz knows about Adil Topal. But a bigger problem is expecting him. İsmail Karayel accuses Bahri with Ufuk’s murder after he sees him leaving the hospital. On top of that Bahri’s accomplice is caught. Poyraz is cornered. He has to take Bahri under custody as a murder suspect...

Sema and Sefer’s wedding is around the corner. Sefer is busy organizing his bachelor party when something Sema learns about herself causes her to reconsider her decision to marry.

The new episode of Poyraz Karayel is on 18 November Wednesday at 20:00 on Kanal D.