Kara Ekmek: Can he forgive her?

Kara Ekmek: Can he forgive her?

Kara Ekmek (Dark Bread) Episode 31 Summary

Çetin means to propose to Asiye. Asiye finds out about his surprise, does something unexpected and changes the course of events. But what the two lovers fail to consider would lead them to an unkown direction.

Taylan decides to leave the mansion upon Hale’s return and meanwhile he is searching the men that tried to kill him. All clues point to Ömer. Taylan is about to take action when the situation rapidly changes.

And Hale meets Mehmet at the mansion. She tries to solve the mystery of the child.

Things are exciting in Teneke hood. Celal is out of the hospital and faces Pervin. Pervin will try to get out of this mess.

Salim is busy to bring his family back together when Asiye finds him. She wants to make peace with her father. Can Salim forgive his daughter after everything that happened?

The new episode of Kara Ekmek is on 13 November Friday at 20:00 on atv.