Karagül: Is Ebru losing her daughters?

Karagül: Is Ebru losing her daughters?

Karagül (Black Rose) Episode 94 Summary

Ebru and Narin are coming towards a big confrontation. Narin tries everything to stop Ebru. But there is no way out. Narin knows that her life is about to change forever and she is desperate. The more she runs the more she is crushed by the weight of her exposed secret. She fears that she might have become a murderer. How will she hide what happened to Ebru? Ebru is determined to get her son back, but what will she do with her daughters who are preparing to make a fresh start?

Meanwhile Kendal tries to marry Melek off and keeps fighting Kenan to the end.

The whole household is struggling to cover the secret when Özlem finds love in a most unexpected way. She is becoming more and more dependant on Mehdi. What will her next plan be?

The new episode of Karagül is on 6 November Friday at 20:00 on FOX.