Kara Sevda: Time for revenge for Kemal

Kara Sevda: Time for revenge for Kemal

Kara Sevda (Endless Love) Episode 3 Summary

Nihan is still in shock after seeing Kemal as Emir’s business partner at her anniversary, when Kemal makes another shattering announcement.

Emir is shaken up by Kemal’s attacks and makes him a surprising offer to keep him close. This offer is a passage to Nihan’s house, a house Kemal couldn’t enter years ago. Meanwhile Kemal’s presence upsets the balance in people’s lives. Vildan can foresee what can go wrong and Önder senses her stress. Ozan’s surprise hurts Nihan deeply and fuels Kemal’s anger.

Although she is confused by Kemal’s return, Nihan is still nervous about the new rule Emir has brought to their marriage. She feels overwhelmed and goes to Külüstür, the only place she finds peace. Nihal is wrestling with the secrets she has to keep from Kemal, but Kemal’s hatred outweighs his love for her.

Ozan discovers that Nihan and Emir have a fake marriage and confronts Emir. The aftermath of this confrontation will affect everyone’s lives.

Emir’s conflicts with Kemal intensifies his anger. Meanwhile the mysterious person who knows the common secret of Kozcuoğlu and Sezin families comes up with a new blackmail.

The family celebrates Kemal’s decision to stay in Istanbul when Tarık brings up a subject about Kemal. The tension rises and Kemal has a hard time especially with his father.

Kemal stops running away from his history with this city and Nihan. It’s time to fight. Leyla sees the flames of revenge in his eyes and tries to douse them. Her attempt will be a huge surprise for Kemal.

The new episode of Kara Sevda is on 28 October Wednesday at 20:00 on Star.