Son Çıkış: Cesur’s quick promotion in the world of crime

Son Çıkış: Cesur’s quick promotion in the world of crime

Son Çıkış (Last Exit) Episode 10 Summary

Childhood friends Kenan and Cesur are face to face at the night of a drug shipment where young bodies are poisoned. Kenan gives Cesur a second chance for the sake of their past. But Cesur doesn’t step back. The operation’s failure drives Lostra mad and Esat pays for it with his life. Lostra offers Cesur Esat’s position. Cesur accepts the offer but his life is in Lostra’s hands now.

Meanwhile the teenagers continue to waver between drugs and a healthy life. Özlem is still traumatised and believes she deserved everything that happened. Nilüfer tries to support her but keeps Özlem pushing her away and starts resenting her. While Özlem is still suffering Bino disappears. When he comes back he is blind. Nilüfer and Yusuf take him to the hospital. His friends come to visit. Bino’s blood test shows drugs. Nilüfer and Yusuf are sad to have failed to help the kids. These two young people bond with pain and sadness of their past will never give up fighting for these kids. They will lead them to the ‘last exit’.

Meanwhile those who missed the ‘last exit’ are condemned in a world of gunshots. Lostra finally discovers Balyoz, Kenan, and Eflatun’s hideaway and prepares a raid.

The new episode of Son Çıkış is on 22 October Thursday at 20:00 on TRT1.