Eve Dönüş: All she wants is her daughter

Eve Dönüş: All she wants is her daughter

Eve Dönüş (Homecoming) Episode 3 Summary

Overwhelmed with maternal emotions Leyla (Pınar) asks for Elif’s custody. The family is wondering why Leyla asks for something like that. Revenge plans of Vedat, who went to a lot of trouble for Pınar’s reconsturctive surgery, are about to be ruined. He tries to talk Leyla out of it. Kürşat is worried about Leyla and Elif’s increasing intimacy. Afraid that he might lose his daughter, Kürşat takes Elif and disappears.

Leyla visits Yusuf whenever she feels bad. Due to her gratitude she starts making trouble for Cengizhan. Leyla finally finds Kürşat and convinces him. Canan is quite upset. Leyla is ready to take her daughter and leave everything behind. She unsuspectingly goes to the mansion where a big surprise awaits her.

Police commissioner Yılmaz reaches some leads regarding the murder of Yusuf’s brother. He is about to solve the case. Yusuf is not happy about it. To get to his brother’s killers he has to get to the murder weapon. He hints that the weapon might belong to Cengizhan. Yılmaz busts Cengizhan’s club, but finds nothing. Oflaz figures out that Yusuf is the brother of the man they killed. Cengizhan has become pretty intimate with Sevda and this bothers Yusuf greatly. Busy with searching for his brother’s killers, Yusuf is completely unaware of what is about to befall him.

The new episode of Eve Dönüş is on 21 October Wednesday at 20:00 on atv.