Kara Sevda: Tension between Kemal and Emir

Kara Sevda: Tension between Kemal and Emir

Kara Sevda (Endless Love) Episode 2 Summary

The whole family is happy for Kemal’s return to Istanbul. Kemal tries to get along with his brother Tarık. Soon he discovers his sister’s relationship with Nihan. But this is not the only secret she is keeping.

Nihan continues to pretend for his brother Ozan’s sake. But Emir’s new rules to their arranged marriage complicates their lives even more.

Kemal and Emir’s confrontation is full of tension. When Nihan hears that Kemal has returned she thinks that her biggest fears are coming true. Every time Kemal and Nihan look in each other’s eyes their endless love gets more powerful.

When they meet again for the bidding, Kemal teaches Emir a lesson for underestimating him. Kemal’s victory alarms Emir. He declares a total war to defeat him while Kemal confidently walks into their lives.

The new episode of Kara Sevda is on 21 October Wednesday at 20:00 on Star.