Paramparça: Hazal’s lie crushes Gülseren

Paramparça: Hazal’s lie crushes Gülseren

Paramparça (Torn to Pieces) Episode 37 Summary

Gülseren goes to the mansion after Dilara’s phone call and she is thrilled to see that Hazal is able to walk again. However Dilara is certain that Gülseren orchestrated Hazal’s little game and wants her out of their lives. Gülseren is crushed to discover Hazal’s lie.

Cihan is quite stressed because of the audit at the company. Harun’s revenge plan is working well. A secret Cihan thought was buried in the past resurfaces and puts him in a tight spot. He is taken into custody. At the police station another unpleasant surprise is waiting for him.

Özkan is waiting with his son for Nuray who is struggling to survive at the ICU after a brain hemorrhage. Everyone including Cihan, Gülseren, Hazal, Cansu, Rahmi and Keriman is engulfed in a feeling of despair.

The new episode of Paramparça is on 19 October Monday at 20:00 pn Star.